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e cigs vs tobacco

If you are like some cigarette smokers, chances are that you don’t know how this product works and how it is different from the traditional tobacco cigarette.

But a wise consumer must know the basic facts about the product he is using so he can enjoy more its benefits.

The next time you buy electronic cigarette, you must be sure you are no longer in the dark as to the advantages it has over the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Oftentimes, when you are at the store to buy it, you find yourself comparing it to tobacco cigarette. That is precisely what every smoker should do when they buy e cig – compare the two products.

More often than not, it is through comparisons that we can judge which product to choose and which product to reject. So here are some of the major differences an electronic cigarette has from the tobacco cigarette.

Are electronic cigarettes safe ?

To be frank about it, there’s not a hundred percent certainty that when you buy e cig, you are safe from any health risks. Electronic cigarettes are only around for about ten years, and that’s so short a time to make an official judgement of the product.

But what can be said with a hundred percent certainty is that electronic cigarettes are definitely safer than tobacco cigarettes.

There have been attempts by some agencies to discredit the safety qualities of e cigs. But even their own tests will show that when you buy a vape product, you are buying a product that is much safer than tobacco cigarettes.

Is nicotine present in electronic cigarettes ?

The answer is both yes and no.

E-liquid used in e cig can be bought in different nicotine strengths. But there is also zero-nicotine e-liquid available. The user is left to decide if he wants nicotine or not.
With tobacco cigarettes, you have no choice but to get nicotine.

E cig vs tobacco

What’s that “smoke” in electronic cigarette ?

Unlike tobacco cigarette, electronic cigarette does not produce smoke. What you see is vapor. It’s the e-liquid that is vaporized.

Does electronic cigarette cause cancer ?

No, it doesn’t.

No data so far shows e-liquid to be cancerous. E-liquid ingredients are mostly vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, both which are not carcinogens.

The other ingredients, like distilled water, food flavourings, are not disease-causing ingredients.

If you ask the same question with tobacco cigarette, the answer is a big YES !

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